Which is better metal or wood bed frame?

Which is Better Metal Or Wood Bed Frame?

Choosing a metal or wooden bed isn’t the only consideration. You must also consider how much you’re willing to pay for it. Wood and metal are certainly attractive, but each has its disadvantages. So before buying anything, you should consider your needs carefully and find out which will be best for you. Let’s take a look at these differences between metal and wood and why buying either is better than the other.

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First of all, metal doesn’t lend itself to repair as easily as, say, wood. If something breaks on your bed, it’s a lot harder to get it fixed. If you were to buy a metal frame, you’d probably need to send it back to the store for a new one.

Wood, on the other hand, can be sanded and painted. If something breaks, you can just get another piece. Metal, however, cannot be painted because it corrodes over time. So basically, you just have to shell out more money to get it repainted.

Secondly, metal is far less comfortable to sleep in. The frames tend to be very solid and aren’t very comfortable to sit on. This is especially true of metal frames that have slats instead of flat panels. You’ll find that you get very little support and sleep much more soundly on metal than you would on a wooden one.

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Thirdly, wood is much less resistant to pests. Wood is also rot resistant, but not to the same degree as metal is. It will be exposed to some water, but that’s about it. Metal tends to rust too but not as much as wood does. Again, this is why you’ll spend more money on metal if you live in an area with a lot of rain or have pets.

Fourthly, wood is much less environmentally friendly. This is really important if you’re concerned about your own health and that of the world. For each cubic foot of wood that you use, four to ten pounds of plastic are made. This means that by using wood, not only do you add toxins to the air, but you are contributing to the destruction of the planet. Plastic is not nearly as damaging, in fact.

Fifthly, wood is a much slower-growing tree. Metal isn’t as fast-growing, so it takes longer to mature and can be damaged more easily. When it comes to strength, it definitely leans more towards metal. Metal is definitely an advantage, especially in heavy use areas such as dorms and warehouses.

Sixth, metal can be hammered to sizes that are impossible to obtain with wood. Wood, on the other hand, can’t be hammered. It is often necessary to chip away at an individual part to make a sufficient size to fill the bed. With metal, the entire thing can be made to fit precisely without any risk of cracking, chipping or breaking.

Seventh, metal is extremely lightweight and portable. Wood is heavy and has to be transported in large pieces to be placed in a bedroom. However, metal is incredibly light and can easily be put together and disassembled without any worries of harming the surrounding area. Wood needs to be constructed in a specific manner and can’t be easily taken apart.

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Eighth, wood is relatively non-biodegradable. Metal breaks down, and has to be recycled if discarded. With metal, the materials are usually recyclable, allowing for less waste altogether. Which is better, wood or metal?

Ninth, wood requires more upkeep and maintenance than does metal. A major concern with wood is how it ages and what it will look like as it ages. Metal, on the other hand, can simply be repainted or repaired where needed, allowing a constant look to the piece. Which is better metal or wood bed frame?

Finally, which is better metal or wood bed frame? Metal certainly seems to be the clear winner here, but it is really a matter of preference and the needs of each individual person. What matters most is that you choose something that you love and that will age well, as well as something that will be comfortable to sleep on. If you sleep in one, you should consider the personality and preferences of your bedroom’s decor before making the final decision. You’ll likely find the perfect metal bed frame to fit your overall design!

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